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OVI Checkpoint- Memorial Day Weekend

You can get driving privileges if charged with OVI.

If your licenses is suspended from an OVI call our office about getting driving privileges.

Memorial Day OVI Checkpoint

An OVI Checkpoint was held on May 6, 2023 by the Franklin County DUI Task Force  at Westerville Road in Clinton Township.  In total 59 vehicles were checked for impaired drivers.  Of the 59 checked at the Franklin County Checkpoint only one person was arrested for Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence.  Two people who were stopped were arrested for drug related charges and another two were arrested for pending misdemeanor warrants.   There were no felony warrants executed.  33 citations were issued in total, 21 of which were for license related offenses like, failure to register, driving under suspension, or operating a motor vehicle without a valid license. In total 329 vehicles passed through the checkpoint.

Being charged with Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence in Ohio is first degree misdemeanor and can come with serious consequences including a jail sentence, a fine, probation, and a driver’s license suspension.  Having an experienced OVI attorney who knows the law, is trained in how to fight traffic cases, and has trial experience is critical to making sure your rights are protected.

For more information about OVI cases in Central Ohio, how to fight an criminal case in Ohio, or the possible punishments for an OVI in Columbus, you can learn more here

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