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Delaware County Municipal Court

The Delaware Municipal Courthouse

Experienced Local Attorneys

Having tried cases in the Delaware Municipal Court since 2000, Funkhouser Law has extensive experience here and a great track record for getting the most favorable outcome for each one of its clients.

The Delaware Municipal Court is the trial level court for Delaware County, Ohio, hearing criminal Misdemeanor and traffic cases as well as small claim disputes. Here, a defendant can be tried in front of a jury of his or her peers of 8 persons and the penalties can be severe, so it is crucial to have a strong litigation attorney on your side.

Being a county court, all of the judges are elected officials. Staying familiar with the judges, prosecutors, and court rules, the criminal defense lawyers at Funkhouser Law will personally guide clients through every step of the process, keeping them well-informed.

The Arraignment

Before a trial begins, a defendant will receive a letter in the mail to show up to an arraignment. At the arraignment, the judge will simply read the charges brought against the defendant, to which the defendant pleads either guilty or not guilty. Defendants should be present at the arraignment along with their attorney.  Having a lawyer present at your arraignment can ensure that you get driving privileges and have a lower bond.

Charged in Delaware Municipal Court

If you are charged with an OVI in Delaware Municipal Court or a Domestic Violence in the Delaware Municipal Court it is important that you retain knowledge able lawyers who have experience practicing in Delaware.  Having a lawyer will make it easier to get driving privileges in Delaware and can help to keep you out of jail.

Contact the Court:

Hours: 8:00am – 4:30pm

Kyle E. Rohrer, Judge
Marianne T. Hemmeter, Judge
Cindy Dinovo, Clerk of Court

Civil/Small Claims Division 740.203.1560
Criminal/Traffic Division 740.203.1570
Clerk Administrative Staff 740.203.1550
Clerk Fax 740.203.1599

Probation/Office of Community Control Division 740.203.1525
Bailiff/Security Division 740.203.1520
Assignment Commissioner 740.203.1501
Jury Commissioner 740.203.1507
Jury Service Confirmation 740.203.1513

For more information o, please call Funkhouser Law at (614) 443-5404, or go to the courts website at

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