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Driving Privileges Post Conviction ORC § 4510.021

After a conviction, limited driving privileges may be granted by a court for occupational, vocational, or medical purposes, to take a driver’s license exam, or to attend a court ordered treatment. Such privileges may be granted with the requirement that the driver display yellow license plates and/or an ignition interlock device under certain levels of OVI. What the court considers reasonable and necessary is up to the discretion of the court, so it helps to have an experienced lawyer to advocate on your behalf.

Possible Driving Privileges:
  • Driving to and from work,
  • Driving children to and from school or daycare,
  • Driving to and from school,

By law, the following requirements must be met before the court can grant driving privileges:

  1. Pay court filing fee
  2. Obtain court order modifying suspension
  3. Must have unexpired license
  4. Must be in compliance with all other suspensions and reinstatement requirements
  5. Provide proof of financial responsibility to the court and file and maintain proof with the Ohio BMV for a specific period of time if required by statute.
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