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On October 29, 2018 Ohio made significant changes to Ohio’s Expungement law which dramatically expanded who is eligible to expunge or seal prior criminal convictions. Our lawyers in Columbus help with expungement for a felony, criminal, or juvenile record.

Under Ohio’s new Expungement Law (Ohio Revised Code section 2953.31) multiple criminal convictions that were not previously eligible to seal or expunge could now be eligible. This allows our lawyers to assist more people criminal record expungement in Columbus.

Ohio law now permits a person with multiple convictions, up to five felony convictions (only F4/F5 offenses with no violent or sexually oriented offenses) and an unlimited number of misdemeanors criminal convictions (no crimes of violence), can be eligible to have their record sealed. You can read the new law for yourself here.

Funkhouser law’s Columbus based lawyers with expungement experience will help those who are trying to seal juvenile, felony, or criminal records. There are still waiting periods to file to seal/expunge a conviction following discharge:

  • Misdemeanors require a one year waiting period.
  • One conviction for a F4/F5 offense requires a three-year waiting period.
  • Two convictions for an F4/F5 offense require a four-year waiting period.
  • Three to Five convictions of an F4/F5 felony require a five-year waiting period.

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