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OVI with Underage Driver ORC § 4511.19(B), (H)

4 points if convicted
No. of OffenseDegree of OffenseIncarcerationFinesTreatmentLicense SuspensionDriving PrivilegesRestricted Plates/Interlock
1st in 1 yearM-40-30 days in jail$0-$250Optional90 days to 2 yearsAfter 60 daysLicense/interlock required with unlimited privileges
2nd or more in 1 yearM-30-60 days in jail$0-500Optional1-5 yearsAfter 60 daysOptional

The penalties for an OVI are harsher because accidents resulting in death occur disproportionately more often for those under the legal drinking age. In Ohio, the drinking age is 21, so if you are under the legal drinking age and you have a blood alcohol content of .02, you can be charged with an OVI. For those over the legal drinking age, the limit is .08, unless you are charged with driving while impaired and exhibit signs of impairment.

At Funkhouser Law, from the moment a client walks through the door, we presume that they are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. As such, we work hard to accomplish the most favorable outcome for each of our clients. At Funkhouser Law, we fight for our clients at every step of the legal process. This is important because, warranted or not, an OVI conviction will otherwise stay on your record for the rest of your life. If you have been charged with an underage OVI, please call Funkhouser Law for a free consultation with an experienced, peer-rated lawyer.

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