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Public Indecency ORC § 2907.09

Elements of Public Indecency:

  • With reckless disregard to the public or knowingly to household members who are minors,
  • Exposing private parts, or
  • Engaging in sexual conduct or masturbation, or
  • Engaging in conduct that appears to be sexual conduct or masturbation

Potential Penalties:

Often confused, urinating in public may be considered disorderly conduct and not public indecency. Public indecency is a misdemeanor of the fourth degree and as such is punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a maximum fine of $250.

At Funkhouser Law, we know that everyone accused of public indecency is presumed innocent. As such, we work hard to accomplish the most favorable outcome for each of our clients. If you have been accused of public indecency, please call Funkhouser Law for a free consultation with an experienced, peer-rated lawyer.

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