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Sex Crimes in Ohio can carry very serious penalties and require serious attention from the very beginning of the allegations coming forward. However, it is very important to recognize that these type of charges often stem from people seeking an advantage in a custody arrangement, divorce proceedings or revenge for a spurned relationship. With the help of experienced legal assistance, some charges can be dismissed and others successfully defended. For this reason, it is important to protect yourself from unjust and fabricated charges by hiring an experienced trial lawyer willing to look at the case through your eyes. The attorneys at Funkhouser Law have successfully handled the type of sex crimes listed below.

At Funkhouser Law, from the moment a client walks through the door, we presume that they are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. As such, we work hard to accomplish the most favorable outcome for each of our clients. If you have been accused of a sex crime, please call Funkhouser Law for a free consultation with an experienced, peer-rated lawyer.

Ohio Sex Crimes

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